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SoW: Screenshots 29.10.2010


Today I’m totall busy making some video as a part of my presentation at exhibition in Moscow next week.
We have a problem with beta binaural sound recording in AVI (crash….).
Anyway I decided to put one of the short videos.
And some screen shots.

And here some not so successfull attemp to record video from BoB (still some problems with recording over which the team is working right now) You may notice the help pop up line for novices there (traslation: to make light of gunsight brighter. By clicking there). Notice, there is stil the bug with WAIT instead of Watt… it is corrected, but will be in pre final version.

Next week probably we will be unable to post anything, but after next week – will try to post some new video and shots. But don’t ask for each week video! That procedure takes some time that we haven’t really!

Oleg Maddox

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