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Ok, today I would like to say some important.

If you all remember, Il-2 was a sim that was setting some new standards in industry. Not all understand it in the beginning. However all things that we have loaded into the engine and even we haven’t used in the beginning – most of them later was working. Some technologies were copied by other deelopers (even not simers), some – still are unique.

And what I would like to say: BoB with its first generation will have also many things that probably will be working later in time step by step. But anyway with the first release it will also set some new standards in sim industry for WWII flight sims. Be sure.

We are doing a series from the beginning for a long life on the market, looking back for our expereince in the past, learning good and bad things of Il-2 series. So now we’ve put a lot of things that will come in add-ons and new separate titles (for wich we will give ability to install in the first one,  say like was with Pacific Fighters, but with more features). Already now there is a process of development for one of the several new sims (with such a feature to merge them).
If everything will be Ok with BoB on the market, then you all will see more and more coming nice titles and add-ons (both free and payware).

Not all things that I’ve personally designed in the past will go in the release of BoB. But you all probably even don’t know what was planned and partially already developed.
I dislike to open even partially this info now, simply wait. I don’t think you will be dissapointed

X-day release: This now will depend of publisher and our fast works over the bugs.
Bugs are present. The product is probably the most serious in industry in programming of features, internals etc.
So I can’t tell exact date right now. But we are close, very close in our works of final release version. We need to polish all the features wich are coming into final release. I personally wouldn’t release the product if it have serious bugs that were known. It was our principle in the past, it is now.

Oleg Maddox

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