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SoW: Screenshots 17. September 2010


First of all I would like to show beta interface, better to say just small part – quick mission builder. However it isn’t final, there are some misses in selections (like advantage disadvantage, etc). Fonts are also not final, some of them will be way smaller, name of the screen also not final (working)… there is shown at the moment selected mission type.

You may seat in any aircraft of selection, change them, not just in one group that was in Il-2. The amount of aircraft groups will depend of the mission type that you select on the left side. Currently unlimited but we will need to limit for the release that to do not receive the „bug report“ why my PC can’t handle for example 2,000 tanks on the ground in one place. On the right side the picture will be absent (or instead on the left, that to do not repeat) – on the left is a briefing of the mission you select.
Simply in this menu we try to put all the best that was in Il-2 and to give way more features of customisation. Also you may add new one mission (type also) or more, created in Full Mission Builder yourself. Thats all that I would like tell for today about interface.

Oleg Maddox

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