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SoW: Screenshots 08.10.2010


Pilots are sitting at the moment a bit lower moved a bit back in cockpit, than should be. But its what is in correction plan. Anyway you may see some details that heads of pilots are moving… not like in IL-2.

Also you may see some nice details on the airfields that makes it looking lifelike. Some of details with the future development of the series we plan to use as active (say training targets for the training novice mode or for the user made story like scenarios…)

Differences of the sides ratio due to different resolution or aspect ratio of monitors.
Some nice details of the flight sim that help to feel the flight at some altitude like you see real picture (repeat, from altitude).
Would like to point for your attention that smoke and water steam from the tube of steam locos isn’t correct yet (will be more dark and present more black at the acceleration of the steam. It is working, but smoke dencity isn’t right yet. We put such things and other similar „bugs“ to tune in final).
I think such details would show already now how the series maybe branched(or united) in future.

Oleg Maddox

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