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Il-2: Entwickler-Update 02.09.2011


We were *this close*, but a last-minute bug found with the new online map (the largest of three) means we have to recompile and rebuild everything – and that means it’s not going to finish today. The bug, for the curios, entailed giant 1500-foot grass suddenly growing all around you at altitudes below 500 feet. Quite a sight to see actually. Almost sad we found it first.

So, barring more botanic discoveries, we’ll have it out no earlier than the end of the day Monday.

Some patch info. The size is 490 MB, 300 of that being the new sounds. The speech sounds are now out in the open by the way, so you can play with them old Il-2 style.

The colors are greatly improved. See attached screenshots.
The new plane-seat selection co-op interface is there, as well as a few more surprises (not the big one though).

Sorry folks, we really tried!

Ilja Schewtschenko

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