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Il2CloDo: Pulse Freitag, 15.04.2011

Excellent CloDo trailer by Ph0b0s95! Feel the difference…

Il2CloDo: Video Vickers Wellington Bomber Dienstag, 12.04.2011

Another excellent video by biltongbru: short movie on the CloD Wellington showing some features and DM’s.

Il-2: Entwickler-Update 05.04.2011 Mittwoch, 6.04.2011


We’ve finalized the patch tonight. We’ll be testing it all day ourselves, and hopefully release a beta version by the end of the day. The main reason for this is that we don’t want to make it live for everyone in case anything else was accidentally broken, and if we do a public test of the patch we can figure out whether we broke anything or not much sooner if we just test it ourselves. Anyone will be able to try it, see how much their performance has improved. If nothing major is found, we’ll make the patch live for everyone at the end of the day this Friday.
What we’ve done today:

1. Started figuring out SLI and Crossfire.
2. Finalized trees improvements. The overall framerate gain was actually smaller than we thought, but it can still be optimized further, just not in the time we have. The microfreezes are gone.
3. Got to the bottom of the server search issue. It will get fixed with the Friday night live release.
4. We have made some improvements to the engine sounds – exact description will be released with the patch.
5. Cleaned out the memory a lot. Whereas flying over an online map in the live version today takes up 700 megs of memory, in the developer version we have today it only takes 380. This does not affect FPS but it does affect the overall stability, loading times, etc. This is especially important for DX9 users.
6. We are also aggressively continuing to expand multicore support.

No screenshots today because visually nothing in the game changed.

Ilja Schewtschenko

Il-2: Entwickler-Update 03.04.2011 Montag, 4.04.2011


Hello everyone,

Thank you all for your continuing support! Thought I’d update you on our progress made after the release date patch went live early on the 31st of March. We worked through the weekend to improve the game some more. I have to note that this wasn’t anything unusual, most of the team has been working on a schedule like this for months. As I think I’ve mentioned somewhere, I’ve been working 7 days a week since mid-summer.

Our main priority, as stated before, is improving performance.

Here’s what we’ve done as of the end of the day today.

1. Buildings are as fast as we can make them. That’s it. I doubt we can improve them more.

2. Trees are still much slower than they can be, but we did completely reshovel the entire code to completely remove microfreezes. They’re gone. The code is currently bruteforcing a lot of the stuff so it’s not nearly as fast as it can be. We’ll be optimizing it some more. Should not take a long time at all.

3. Misc bug fixes, as we can get to them, are also being put in. We’ve fixed the extremely unfortunate FMB oversight with the labels – it was the result of an overly zealous optimization effort last week. We’ve also done things to our Info windows, since they gave people more problems than we could ever possibly imagine. That alt-click, we still need to figure out what to do with it. Maybe even reverse the entire thing and make the cockpit alt-clickable and chat windows normal-clickable. I don’t think we’ve ever done anything that confused the players more than these damned windows.

4. We’ve also finalized updates to the multiplayer GUI – see attachment for preview.

5. Unfortunately what seemed like an easy fix to the server search issue in steam still eludes us. Since I’m only allowed to admit to our own faults but not to other peoples‘ I can’t say anything more about this.

The plan right now is to release an open beta version of the patch tomorrow night or the next day. It’ll be a small archive you manually extract on top of your game’s install. This is to allow the people to test the fixes. Since we’ve done some radical things in #1 and #2, we don’t want to make the patch live to the entire world right away. We’re hoping that everything will go smoothly and nothing new is found in the update, which means we can go ahead with our plans and push the update out to steam the end of the day Friday.

Our great hope that the Friday version will allow everyone to run the game smoothly and finally begin complaining about FM and DM and AI and skins and missions and GUI and landscape and the clouds and the weather!

Ilja Schewtschenko

Il2CoD: Hurricanes fangen Do 17 ab Montag, 4.04.2011

Tolles Video von Isinona: